It’s time to invest in Virtual Reality

In the fast-moving world of video production, trends come and go at what can feel like lightening speed. But one trend that doesn’t seem to be fading away anytime soon is the use of Virtual Reality (VR) in advertising. With affordable, high-quality VR headsets available from Samsung, Sony, Google and more, brands and agencies are turning to the VR medium to help them create innovative ad campaigns. While this trend can be intimidating for clients who are unfamiliar with the technology, there are some great recent examples of VR campaigns that should convince sceptics. Consider Burt’s Bees’ ‘Burt’s Nature: A 360-Degree Tour’. The virtual tour allows customers to visit the USA-based cabin of the brand’s founder, Burt Shavitz. Visitors can explore hotspots around the cabin. Using enriched content that includes animation, video and text, the brand effectively translates its core values of natural ingredients to its customers. This is a great example of a well-done VR campaign because it achieves a couple of important goals. First, it allows Burt’s Bees’ customers to explore a remote location — one they would never normally go to — which is integral to the brand’s mythos. It reinforces the story of the brand and assures customers that the product is authentic. Second, it showcases Burt’s Bees to the advertising community as a progressive, innovative brand that is not afraid of new technologies and methods. It would be easy for a nature-focused brand to ignore new video ad trends; with this campaign, Burt’s Bees has shown that Virtual Reality is adaptable enough to service any brand. More and more brands are now asking for VR technology in their campaigns, so it falls to agencies and freelance video producers to make sure they add this service to their arsenal. Virtual Reality isn’t going to go away; in fact, we’ll only be seeing more of it as brands integrate this new trend into their global advertising strategies. Instead of being intimidated by Virtual Reality, it’s time to embrace its incredible potential. Incorporating everything from motion graphics, to video content and animation, VR is the future of advertising.
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With a stong, qualified background in Graphic Design and a BA in Motion Graphics, we combine the two to create visually engaging and intelligent videos, adverts and campaigns.
 We’ve spent the last 7 years working as a Motion Designer, Creative Director (and occasionally Videographer) for both design agencies and businesses. During that time I’ve worked on all size projects for web clients & production houses right through to TV & Commercial Broadcast.
 We now run a video production studio, working directly with clients & also partnering directly with multiple design agencies across the country and capital that have no in-house motion designers, collaborating with them on their video, motion, and animation needs - from budgeting and concept creation right through to delivery, clearance, playout and implementation.
Freelance Motion Graphic Designer Essex // AFX Animator


Anybody can learn to use software so i'm not a big fan of this SECTION... that said, occasionally I get asked "What software can you use?" so HERE is a list of some of the design software I'm expert in.

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