Interactive videos and their effectiveness for clients

As marketers increasingly seek new ways to win over audiences, advertising and delivery of content is becoming more sophisticated. Video marketing has captured the interest of savvy marketers in recent times, and as the future of video marketing evolves, interactive video is starting to take centre stage.

Interactive video is different from standard video in that it supports interaction through clicks, touch, gestures and voice. Users get involved in the video experience, whether they want to learn something new, make a purchase or be entertained. Here's what interactive video can do for you and your clients. Better engagement

Interactive videos enhance the user-experience, making the client more engaged in what you've got to say. By being part of the video process, users can feel positively engaged with your products and brand. Clients can better understand what you're trying to communicate and where they fit into the process. Interactive video also enables clients to give their feedback and raise queries, which can prove valuable to businesses trying to meet their consumers' needs. Unlike standard video that can experience drop-off rates, interactive video boasts a completion rate of at least 90%. Many users even repeatedly view the content.

Improved shopping experience

For businesses with an eCommerce facility, interactive video gives them the upper hand to showcase product information to customers. This information can be presented in a unique way, that makes shopping more appealing and more personalised. By captivating your audience, this makes sales conversions more possible. In effect, your interactive videos can do the hard work of selling your products. Shoppable video is considered the future of video marketing, with brands such as Ted Baker jumping on board to create a short video where viewers interact to explore product collections in further detail. Cleverly, motion tracking is used that allows clickable links to stick to items in the video.

Ted Baker - Shoppable Video

Education and training

For businesses that provide information to educate or train clients, interactive videos can make the learning process simpler and more effective. In particular, complex information that may be hard to digest in written format may be much better applied and understood in a video version. When users can interact with the video, this enhances learning and can make the process more tailored to their unique requirements. Beauty brand Maybelline created an interactive video for its Glamour Eye campaign. Instead of a how-to guide, this interactive beauty experience enabled users to get the deeper information they needed, boosting participation and retention.

Maybelline Interactive Video

Wide choice

Since interactive video takes many forms, and offers a very flexible approach to marketing, it gives consumers a great deal of choice. Marketers can give clients a selection of interactive stories they can follow that leads them on a path to conversion.

Entertainment purposes

Crucially, interactive videos offer excellent entertainment value for clients. When these videos are used for gamification of content, this can be a powerful way to engage users, transforming a fun experience into one that is memorable and makes clients hooked on a brand.

The potential uses are endless...


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