Agencies, are you ready? Video taking over as leading online marketing medium.

There's little doubt about it: as a way of marketing their products and services online, video is clearly the way ahead for the business world. And it's hardly surprising, as people love to watch just about anything on their smartphones and tablet computers, even if it's a blatant sell. In fact, such is the dramatic rise in video uptake now that top American tech firm Cisco Systems is confidently forecasting it will make up around 80% of traffic on the internet by 2019. Cisco is not alone. The BBC reported that Facebook, which has more than 1.5 billion monthly active users, says much of its content will be precisely of that medium in the next two years – an ocean of eyeballs no company can afford to ignore. Plus, Swedish telecoms giant Ericsson projects that demand for video on mobile devices will soar by 55% by 2020. That's a whole lot of video going on, and it's why here at James Compton Ltd, we're busy creating a whole lot of it for our clients everywhere. Clearly, video is a different beast entirely to other internet media: anyone can write up an article or blog, or if they're struggling or don't have the time, they can easily have a copywriting agency do it for them. Video, on the other hand, not only requires specialist equipment and high levels of creativity and production, but it must also weave together various strands to make it consumable – shots, graphics, texts, animations, voiceovers, and the list goes on. So it's understandable that few companies either have the expertise, resources or staff to put together impactful videos that will get them the online attention they need, and it includes design agencies without in-house motion designers of their own. That's where we come in – we work under a white label basis, which means you get professional videos branded the way you want and as though you made them yourself, all the while keeping costs way down. We've worked with some of the top UK and global brands to produce everything from TV adverts to infographics, videos for small businesses, eLearning programs and much more, and we can do the same for you. There’s a whole online world out there waiting to watch.

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James Compton

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With a stong, qualified background in Graphic Design and a BA in Motion Graphics, we combine the two to create visually engaging and intelligent videos, adverts and campaigns.
 We’ve spent the last 7 years working as a Motion Designer, Creative Director (and occasionally Videographer) for both design agencies and businesses. During that time I’ve worked on all size projects for web clients & production houses right through to TV & Commercial Broadcast.
 We now run a video production studio, working directly with clients & also partnering directly with multiple design agencies across the country and capital that have no in-house motion designers, collaborating with them on their video, motion, and animation needs - from budgeting and concept creation right through to delivery, clearance, playout and implementation.
Freelance Motion Graphic Designer Essex // AFX Animator


Anybody can learn to use software so i'm not a big fan of this SECTION... that said, occasionally I get asked "What software can you use?" so HERE is a list of some of the design software I'm expert in.

Broadcast and Animation Designer
 London and South East


  • After Effects

  • Cinema 4D

  • Illustrator

  • Premier Pro

  • SpeedGrade

  • Audition

  • Photoshop

  • Dreamweaver

  • 3D Studio Max

  • InDesign


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 // After Effects in London & Essex

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