Goodbye training, Hello eLearning.

In the workplace, as in so many other parts of life, the digital revolution has completely transformed things, and as well as the obvious communications and administration benefits, this includes the way that training and development is delivered.

While there is undoubtedly still a place for face to face training, particularly in areas surrounding communication and soft or people skills, and certain things are more effective when physically attended (learning first aid and CPR for instance), digital learning platforms are becoming more and more popular. eLearning, sometimes known as computer based training, has been widely rolled out across workplaces for a wide variety of areas, and many businesses are feeling the benefits.

eLearning packages are designed in a bespoke away, with whatever learning aids the company feel are appropriate for the topic, whether it's hand drawn videos, infographics, scribes or animated videos. For one thing, eLearning is an awful lot cheaper than traditional training methods. There is no need to pay every time a course needs to be run; the company purchase the package and then it remains available, to be used by staff as and when needed. If a member of staff is off sick for example, they can easily catch up, rather than having to either bring a trainer in again or have that employee wait until next time. eLearning is also very flexible from a time management point of view – companies can set aside time for training sessions, or CBTs can be built into an employee’s tasks to be completed at a time convenient to them. It also works well for employees who learn at different speeds, as each individual employee can complete the training individually, focusing for longer on areas they are less sure about, and not wasting time re-covering topics they are already familiar with. Another advantage is that this frees up other employees from in-house training - the kind that is often given to new colleagues. It also removes the possibility of human error, and staff forgetting to pass on information! With so many time, efficiency and cost benefits available to companies using eLearning, it is certainly the way ahead.

To find out more about the power of eLearning packages, get in touch today. We'll help you and your team fulfil their full potential.

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